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The Section of Medicine in the Department of Clinical Health Sciences has played a pivotal role in the areas of patient care both in ambulatory as well as inpatient settings since the inception of the college. The aim has been to provide a holistic approach to patient care in a disease biology ,social and ethical context.In addition the department has made pioneering efforts in the areas of assessment emphasizing problem-solving and application of knowledge rather than rote learning and recall of information. This in addition to objective structured clinical examinations has provided the Department of Clinical Sciences with reliable and valid tools of assessment.The department members have been at the forefront of planning and delivery of our new modular integrated patient-centered curriculum and have continued to play a vital role in medical education research and evaluation. Most of the department members have active research interests as you will glean from individual faculty profiles and specialize in General Medicine as well as allied sub-specialties.
The vision at the undergraduate level is to emphasize acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes vital to the armamentarium of a primary care physician. The Section of Medicine works closely with the allied Department of Medicine and sub specialists, where a sizable faculty pool is involved in curricular delivery in modules or clinical clerkship's. In addition the Medicine faculty plays a central role in the Foundation module at the beginning of first year, in patient centered learning at the commencement of clinical exposure and in various modules spanning all five years of the undergraduate curriculum.Highlights of the learning strategies include, history and physical diagnosis,ward rounds, ambulatory care exposure, morning reports, clinicopathologic conferences, morbidity and mortality meetings, journal clubs and noon time interactive sessions.

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Dr. Raffad


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Dr. Tauqeer Ahmed
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