Principal Message

Prof. Dr. Tariq Mehmood Rehan

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is a love of humanity
Hippocrates. Medicine is nothing without the love for humanity. All efforts in the eld of medicine amount to serving the cause of humanity. Khawaja Safdar medical college has set it's mission to graduate physicians who abide by the scrupulousness of scientific discipline and who will serve their community through strong ethical and evidence based practice.
I, see Khawaja Safdar medical college embarking on a enlightened path of educating physicians for the 21st century. For each and every studen who becomes the part of Khawaja Safdar college, I am here to interact on behalf of my team and the institute. All efforts to improve the performance of students will be taken in collaboration with their parents.
Extra-curricular activities are an essential part of campus life. A surfeit of such activities are there for you to participate and enjoy. We are very proud of research activities of our students. We have many societies of students taking part in curricular as well as co-curricular
Highly professional faculty members are ready to facilitate the students to become professional and leaders.May Allah bless your endeavour with success and may you bring honor to your alma mater. Ameen.